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Costco Coupon Policy

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Costco has warehouses in 40 states

Costco does not accept manufacturers’ discount coupons or other retail establishment discount coupons (other
than those distributed by Costco).

As printed on page 15 of Costco's Member Benefits & Services Brochure (under the "Payment" heading) dated November 1, 2011

Received this email reply when asked about their coupon policy:


We appreciate you taking the time to email Costco Wholesale.


Costco Wholesale does not accept general manufacturer coupons.  We have our own coupons and promotional offers, which are distributed to members in the mail and at our locations at various times throughout the year. 


We are able to offer consistently low prices because our buyers negotiate the best deals with our vendors.  Manufacturers often will simply ‘load’ the cost of a coupon program into the original pricing of their product.  We will not permit our vendors or buyers to do this since there is no advantage to the member.


The primary member of a Business or Goldstar membership, as well as the Business add-on member with a home address on file, will be sent these coupons.  Below are a few reasons why members may not receive these mailings:
-Member previously ‘opted-out’ to not receive mailings from Costco 
-Mailing address is incorrect in our system 
-Address has changed within the last three months 
-Became a member within the last two months 
-Membership has expired
-Haven’t redeemed a coupon at Costco in three years
-Limit one coupon per address on file


Please note, our coupon mailings are considered third class mail. Post offices are provided a time frame in which the coupons should be delivered. Third class mail is not included in mail forwarding.


Costco coupons are valid only for the dates shown, based on agreements with our manufacturers. 

Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation



Updated 1/31/12

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