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List of Inserts and when the last coupon expires so you know when you can toss them

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posted this on October 15, 2011 16:28

List of Inserts and when the last coupon expires so you know when you can toss them:

Note: If you have an older insert that is not listed here, it means all the coupons in it are expired. We index coupons from a number of different newspapers across the country. The date listed here is the very last expiration date that is in any of the inserts we index. The last expiration date in your insert may be sooner.


1/15/12   SS All expired except listed    Saint Louis: There are 3 Denny's Restaurant coupons good through 2/2/15.
5/19/13  SS  All expired except listed    Sunsweet Dried Fruit expires 8/30/14
8/18/13  SS All expired except listed    Wild Garden Snack Combo expires 8/17/14
12/8/13 RP All expired except listed  

 insync Natural Probiotic expires 6/30/14

1/12/14 SS  All expired except listed  

 Lee Kum Kee Hoisin expires 6/30/14

1/26/14 SS All expired except listed  

 Airborne Product expires 7/31/14

3/2/14 RP All expired except listed

 PictSweet Frozen Vegetable expires 6/30/14

3/2/14 SS All expired except listed    Xanadrine Product expires 6/30/14
3/16/14 RP All expired except listed  

 Colace Capsules or Peri Colace Tablets expires 9/30/14

 3/16/14 SS    7/30/14  
3/23/14 RP   7/31/14


3/23/14 SS   6/30/14


3/30/14 SS   7/31/14


4/6/14 SS   6/28/14


4/13/14 RP   7/5/14


4/13/14 SS    10/31/14


4/20/14 RP    7/31/14


4/20/14 SS   8/30/14


4/27/14 RP    8/31/14


4/27/14 SS    3/31/15


5/4/14 RP    8/11/14


5/4/14 SS    12/31/14


5/11/14 RP    8/31/14 


5/11/14 SS   12/13/14


6/1/14 RP    8/3/14


6/1/14 SS    9/7/14


6/1/14 P&G   12/31/14


6/8/14 SS    11/2/14


6/15/14 RP   12/31/14


6/15/14 SS    12/31/14


 6/22/14    All expired  


 6/29/14    All expired  




7/6/14     All expired    
 7/13/2014  SS    10/31/2014  
 7/13/2014  RP     10/31/2014  
 7/20/2014    All expired    
 7/27/2014  SS    12/31/2014


 7/27/2014  RP    10/31/2014  
 8/3/2014  SS    12/30/2014


 8/3/2014  RP    11/03/2014


 8/10/2014  SS    11/30/2014


 8/10/2014  RP    02/28/2015


8/17/2014 SS   12/31/2014


8/17/2014 RP   11/30/2014


8/24/2014 SS   11/30/2014


8/24/2014 RP   11/24/2014


8/31/2014    All expired  


9/7/14 SS    12/31/2014


9/7/2014 RP    12/7/2014


9/14/2014 SS    12/31/14


9/14/2014 RP    12/31/14
























Magazine Coupons

Note: If you have an older issue that is not listed here, it means all the coupons in it are expired. 

 All You Magazine
 Mag. Date  Exp. Date
 05/24/13  4/30/14
 06/21/13  4/30/14
 07/26/13  12/31/13
 08/23/13  12/31/13
 9/20/13  2/28/14
 10/18/13  12/31/13
 11/15/13  4/30/14
 12/13/13  3/31/14


Sometimes there are only 1 or 2 coupons in an insert that have a longer expiration date than most of the other coupons so you might find you can toss them even sooner if those are coupons you won't use anyway or want to just clip quick so you can toss the rest. So if you want to be more aggressive in cleaning out your inserts, try this:


Search coupon location. If you want to know what coupons are in a particular insert, use the Search coupon location box. (You can find this option in the Search Coupon area, under "Advanced Search".) This is a great way to find out if an older insert has any coupons in it that haven’t expired yet so you can clean out your files. i.e. type RP 5/10 and it will pull up all the non-expired coupons in the Red Plum insert from May 10. Note: be sure to type the insert name in the exact same way it is in the database. Remember that on some weeks, we get more than one SmartSource or more than one Red Plum insert. When that happens, they include the name of the product on the cover as part of the insert name. So if you were looking for coupons in SS 8/2, you need to type in either SS Kens 8/2 or SS Sears 8/2. You could also type just 8/2 but then you will get all the coupons from all the inserts that week. That’s a good place to start though if you don’t know what was on the cover. All of the coupons from 8/2 will come up so you can see what the insert names were. Then you can type just one insert name to narrow it down.


Check here for information on sending expired coupons to our military families. (Note: they must be clipped first!)

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