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Walgreens Register Rewards

Brenda Lane
posted this on June 16, 2011, 14:38

Walgreens Register Rewards (RRs)


Register Reward (RR) coupons print from the small machine by the register, called a Catalina machine. (They are Walgreen's version of Catalinas.)

Once your coupon prints you may use it like cash on another purchase. It is advisable to do multiple purchases in one trip and use your RR immediately on a subsequent purchase, as long as you are not duplicating transactions. RRs cannot be spent on items from the same manufacturer - but can be combined with manufacturer's coupons.  


FAQS about Register Rewards

How does a Register Reward print?
You must make a qualifying purchase in order for a Register Reward to print. After paying, it prints automatically. The cashier then hands you the RR with your receipt.

Why didn't my Register Reward print?

1. The Catalina machine is not operating properly or is out of paper.

2. You did not purchase the correct items to trigger the Register Reward.

3. You used a RR from the same manufacturer to pay for the product. (There are some limitations on the products you can purchase using a RR. Sometimes this is one of these limits. Read the fine print on your RR before redeeming.)  


 What should I do if my RR does not print? 
1. Make sure you have purchased the correct product(s) advertised.
2. Tell the cashier. Many times the cashier can remedy the issue if the machine is not functioning properly.
3. Ask to speak to the manager or customer service if the cashier cannot help. They will make all attempts to correct the situation.


What can I use a Register Reward to purchase?
RR can be used towards almost any purchase at Walgreens. There are some restrictions, such as, purchases of items made by the same manufacturer listed on the Register Reward (For example, a Colgate Register Reward cannot be used on another Colgate purchase), gift cards, and more. Be sure to read the restrictions prior to using.


Is there a specific order I should give the cashier my coupons?
Store Coupons, then Manufacturer's Coupons, then Register Rewards is the way most stores prefer. 


Also note that you must have as many items as you have manufacturer's coupons, including the Register Reward as a coupon. If you have more coupons than items the cashier will not be able to use all of the coupons. Many people purchase “filler” items that are very low in cost in order to offset this issue.


Do Register Rewards expire?
Yes. Most RR do not expire for 2-3 weeks, however some might be valid for only 1 week. Be sure to read the limitations and expiration date so that you do not lose these dollars. Something to consider when you know that a RR will generate from a specific transaction: keep some items aside from the first order to be rung up separately so that you can use this RR immediately. You can avoid trying to keep track of the RR or trying to remember when it will expire by using them in such a manner.


Here is a simple example of a typical RR purchase. (Transactions are not current - see Enlightened Shopping or the Community for current Walgreens Scenarios

First transaction:
Deal #1: 
Colgate Max Fresh White: Buy 1 at $2.99 and get a $2.99 RR 

Second transaction:
Deal #2:
Mennen Right Guard deodorant: Buy 1 at $2.99 and get a $2.99 RR. Use the $2.99 RR from Deal #1 and you out of pocket expense is FREE!! 

If you purchase Deal #1, and want to use the RR earned to purchase an additional Deal #1, you will not receive another RR. You would have to use other accepted forms of payment in order for the deal to print another RR. You can use the RR earned from Deal #1 to purchase Deal #2, and vice versa.

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